Frequent questions

Where are you located?

Dotaciones Corporativas is an online store where we serve you digitally; we do not have a physical branch.

We operate from Medellin and ship throughout Colombia.

How to buy?

Follow these steps and make your purchase.

1. Choose all the garments you want and add them to your quote. Minimum 6 units per reference (assorted sizes and colors), face masks minimum 50 units (same).

2. Enter all the required information and click on "Request a quote". You will receive your quote within 24 business hours. If we have any questions regarding your quote, you will be contacted by a member of our sales team.

3. Once you approve the quote, make sure that the sizes of our garments match the measurements of your employees. To help with this, we offer you:

  • Always receive a link to the size guide, which includes the measurements for each garment, so that your employees can select the appropriate sizes.

4. After the quote is approved and your order is defined, you will receive the information needed to make the payment.

5. Receive your order at the agreed-upon time and get ready to deliver the uniforms to your employees.

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What is the minimum quantity per type of garment?

For upper and lower garments, sets, and accessories, the minimum quantity is 6 units per reference (assorted colors and sizes). For face masks, the minimum quantity is 50 units (they must be the same).

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Is there always availability of garments?

We strive to keep our inventory up to date, but occasionally some garments may be sold out. When placing your order, we will inform you of the garment availability and the corresponding shipping time.

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    Are all the garments made by Dotaciones Corporativas?

    No, not all garments are made by us. Some are produced by suppliers that have been carefully selected to be part of our portfolio due to their excellent quality and guarantee. For this reason, you may receive garments with the labels of these suppliers on occasion.

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      What are the payment options?

      To start the production process of your order, you must make an advance payment of 50% of the quoted value. You can make your payment through:

      • Transfer to Bancolombia, Daviplata or Nequi account.
      • New payment methods coming soon.

      We will provide you with the account details once the quote has been approved.

      If the payment is made via Effecty, Baloto, or another entity that charges a commission, the client must cover this cost.

      Before your order is shipped and once you receive photos of your finished products, you must pay the remaining 50%.

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      Do you issue electronic invoices?

      Yes, and you will always receive your electronic invoice at the email address associated with your RUT (Tax Identification Number).

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      What parts of Colombia do you ship to?

      We are located in Medellín and ship nationwide. To check the destinations, please visit the Servientrega, Interrapidísimo, or Coordinadora website.

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      How long will it take for my order to be ready?

      • The delivery time depends on the availability of the garments when you place your purchase order, at which point you need to specify the quantity, sizes, and colors of each item.
      • The shipping time after the production of the garments is completed is 1 to 2 days for major cities, and 3 to 5 days for secondary cities, municipalities, or rural areas.

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      What is the shipping cost of my order?

      The shipping cost varies based on the weight, volume of your order, destination, and insured value (which always corresponds to the invoiced value). This cost will be paid by you upon delivery, and you will be notified when receiving the guide from the logistics operator Servientrega, Interrapidisimo, or Coordinadora. These companies will be responsible for generating the electronic invoice corresponding to the shipment.

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      How can I know the status of my order?

      Once we have shipped your order, you can track it directly on the logistics operator's website, based on the tracking number that we have previously shared with you.

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      How long do I have to pay the additional 50%?

      You are committed to paying the outstanding balance within a maximum of 30 calendar days from when you have been notified that the order is ready to be shipped. If you do not make the payment within the established time, Dotaciones Corporativas will not refund your money, nor will you receive items for the value of the advance payment, and you will lose all rights to claim the items after a longer period, even if you make the payment outside the established time.

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      Can I pick up my order once it is ready?

      All of our orders are shipped directly to your address.

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      What should I take into account when receiving my order?

      Before signing the tracking slip and in the presence of the transporter, you must thoroughly check the packaging and ensure that it is in perfect condition. If you find any issues with the packaging, do not accept the product or sign the tracking slip. If you sign without checking, you will lose your right to make a claim.


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      Will I receive the garments exactly the same as how I see them on the screen?

      Due to screen differences, lighting effects, and scaling, the actual color and size of the logos on the garments may slightly differ from those shown on the purchase order. You must also take into account that the manufacturing processes involve human work, so there may be minor variations in the measurements of the garments.

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      How does the warranty for my garments work?

      • The customer must have paid 100% of the garment's price.
      • The warranty applies only to manufacturing or material defects.
      • The warranty does not apply to garment sizes, so remember that it is your responsibility to carefully review the size guide found at this link: Size guide before placing your order.
      • The deadline to submit a warranty claim is 30 days from the receipt of the order.
      • Our production team will evaluate the defects to determine whether the warranty is applicable or not.
      • We will cover the return shipping and shipping costs of the garments if the warranty is applicable, only in the case of garments with manufacturing or material defects.
      • Remember that the durability of your garments will also depend on their care when washing and/or ironing them.

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      Can I exchange the garments once I have received them?

      If your garments are NOT PERSONALIZED (embroidery, vinyl, or printing), it is possible to make size exchanges within a maximum period of 5 business days, subject to prior review and authorization by the responsible department. The garments must be in perfect condition, free from any stains (makeup, deodorant, etc.), and not used, washed, or modified; they must also have all their labels and packaging elements intact.

      The customer must bear both shipping costs (sending the garments back and receiving the new garments) since they must be reviewed by the responsible department.

      The exchange time will depend on the availability of the garments, and there is no guarantee that the desired garments will be available at the time of the request.

      Exchanges will be authorized once the customer has paid the entire invoice.

      Dotaciones Corporativas DOES NOT refund money.

      Personalized garments (embroidered or printed with your brand or design) are NOT ELIGIBLE for exchange.

      Garments made with a special design for you (not part of our product portfolio) that are not personalized with your brand are also NOT ELIGIBLE for exchange.

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      What can I do if I want the uniforms with special silhouettes that I can't find on the website?

      At Dotaciones Corporativas, we have developed a catalog of products where you can mix and match garments, styles, fabrics, and colors to create the ideal uniforms for your business. However, we understand that sometimes you may have an idea or specific need requiring greater customization. If this is the case, contact us via WhatsApp or email at

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      Can I bring my own garments for embroidery or printing?

      No, our personalization service applies only to the garments you purchase from Dotaciones Corporativas.

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      How often should I provide uniforms to my employees?

      According to the Substantive Labor Code, in its articles from 230 to 235, the provision of uniforms must occur three times a year, meaning every 4 months and free of charge. For private sector workers, the deadlines are April 30, August 31, and December 20. For public sector workers, the only different deadline is December 30 instead of December 20.